Crow Holdings Capital–Real Estate (CHC–Real Estate) is a prominent, North American-focused asset manager of private equity real estate funds. Since 1998, CHC–Real Estate and CHC-affiliated entities have managed six funds with equity capital totaling approximately $4.1 billion, with which nearly $13 billion in assets have been acquired or developed. CHC–Real Estate’s funds are designed to generate current income and benefit from the capital appreciation of portfolio investments.

CHC–Real Estate’s success is derived from a fundamental approach to, and deep understanding of, real estate value creation across various asset classes.  CHC–Real Estate places a premium on capital preservation through conservative deal structures, and portfolio diversification by property type, geography, investment size, and risk profile. Diversification of real estate investments generally allows CHC–Real Estate to reduce portfolio risk and volatility.

CHC–Real Estate is managed and directed by an investment team of six members, who on average, have each worked with CHC and CHC-affiliated entities for more than 22 years. The firm’s many years of experience investing through real estate cycles and strong alignment with its partners inform a cautious – but agile – strategy that includes acquisition, value creation, development and leveraging best-in-class, best-in-market service providers.