Crow Holdings Capital – Investment Partners (CHC–Investment Partners) provides investment strategy and implementation for partner families. It does so with a focus on four defining attributes: a cooperative approach, investment confidence, best-in-class service, and a family perspective. CHC–Investment Partners’ investment approach begins with a focus on partner liquidity, then seeks to achieve returns consistent with a partner family’s objectives through actively managed, equity-oriented, and opportunistic investment strategies. Success is defined as achievement of a partner family’s goals, rather than simply measuring performance versus an industry benchmark.

CHC–Investment Partners focuses primarily on wealth preservation and capital appreciation and builds on the principals’ experience helping the Crow Family transition from a heavy concentration in illiquid asset classes to a diversified wealth preservation strategy, resulting in a truly durable investment institution. Today, CHC–Investment Partners’ culture of partnership, co-investment, and shared knowledge benefits all partners and helps secure their legacies.

The firm’s two co-heads possess a combined 50+ years of financial and advisory experience, including 24 years with the Crow family, while their team of investment professionals each bring, on average, 14 years of investment experience.